Engagement photography and videography


We have hand-selected a roster of extraordinarily talented and professional artists.  Choose one or multiple services we offer. Take part in our engagement photography and videography. Meet the artist, enjoy the day and let us sweat the small stuff.

Wedding Reps Studios was built on the foundation that, let’s face it planning a wedding is a part-time job at the least. we know that everyone is busy and we help simplify your wedding planning needs. we save you time, money and energy, all while working for you in the background.

One contract, one contact, one stop shop.

Our Values

We help match you to the perfect artist.

We work with extremely tallented artest and we match you to artist(s) that best suit your vision and personality, that same artist works with you throughout the entire process (ie. meet and greet, trial, engagement photography and wedding photography.)

Custom quoting and estimations.

We make an estimate based on your wedding concept and we only quote you what you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

Schedule optimizing. We love to help.

We help pair our services in your wedding schedule.  Planning and timing is key to a smooth wedding day.

Immediately access your images when they are edited.

Our online app gallery allows you to access your images from most all devices in most every part of the world through the internet. Yes we have an app for you and your wedding guests to use to see and download your images.

Three-week image return and 5 week edited video guarantee.

Images and video are edited and completed fast.

Engagement photography and videography

Engagement photography and videography help you get to know your artists and also provide pictures for posters, seating charts and guestbooks.

Our photography and videography teams work together all the time.

Because they work together and know each other, they have excellent coordination and communication to seamlessly capture your wedding.

Stress-free wedding.

Having one contact, and one contract will alleviate some of the stress from your wedding day. Imagine having a team of people contributing to making your day perfect.

Multiple service extras.  

Yes we bundle and save.  Choose multiple services to unlock our premium extras and discounted savings.

A back up / emergency photographer and / or videographer.

This applies to all our Photography and Videography packages.  IF… by any unlucky chance your photographer or videographer has an emergency there is always someone on stand by to fill in.

We do not watermark our images.

We love helping with the final product and we have great print options and materials to choose from.  But if you would like to do this yourself the images are ready to go at the 3 week delivery.

Bring us with you.  

Are you getting married outside of Southern Ontario?  We can go where you go, we travel well.