Wanting to look like a million bucks on your wedding day is each bride’s dream. To achieve the perfect look, Toronto brides follow a healthy diet, exercise routine and beauty regimen to look their best selves in their wedding photography

Choosing a photographer

You have done all you can to be your best self and look gorgeous in your wedding pictures. But if you have hired a wedding photographer or videographer, the chances are that you may not get the kind of quality and class that you wanted for your wedding pictures. Wedding Reps Studios, one of Toronto’s best photographers and videographers, know how to translate your happiness and excitement in beautiful photos. Our Toronto photographers work with you to create long-lasting, beautiful memories of your special day.

Highlighting your best feature

Your eyes, your smile or your nose, you are most likely to know what makes your face look beautiful. Most brides know their best feature and choose to show it off. Sometimes even simple dab of blush, a little mascara and a clear lip gloss can make you look like a million bucks in your pictures.

A smile is the best feature

Nothing else makes you look vibrant and beautiful in your photographs more than a genuine smile. A smile can be your best accessory when you want to look picture perfect. For this, we would recommend considering a teeth whitening treatment one month or so before the big day.


Although you will be wearing a dress, your hands will be open and exposed. As a photographer, I know that we often try to capture a focused shot of ring exchange in all the marriage ceremonies. Getting a manicure before your wedding is an excellent idea so that your hands look well-kempt and presentable.

Skin care

Wedding-related stress can cause havoc on your skin. The anxiety of wedding preparations, trying on your wedding dress, make up, hairdo, etc., it can get quite overwhelming. By the end of it, many brides end up with puffy eyes and acne right around their wedding day. It is best to stick to a proper skin care routine to make sure your skin looks glowy. Make sure to consume a lot of water to prevent dehydrated and dry skin.


With many wedding videographers to choose from, narrowing down your choices can seem like a daunting task. With so many portfolios to parse through and recommendations to consider, there is simply not enough time in a day to get through them all. Same yourself some trouble by considering these tips before selecting your wedding videographer:


Do not get too caught up in analyzing the talent of your prospective videographers that you forget to see whether you actually get along with them. You will have to spend a lot of time with them on your wedding day and in conversations with them throughout the editing process afterwards. Before you sign any contract, you will want to make sure they understand your vision.

Regardless of whether you are used to being filmed or not, you will only have a good experience with your videographer if you jive with them. The more comfortable you feel around your videographer, the more likely they will be able to capture the little nuances between you and your fiance to make your film unique. It does not hurt to talk about your expectations with prospective videographers over a coffee or drink to see who you feel gets you as a couple the most.


Looking at past videos by your videographer is important. Many couples have a story that could bring even the toughest people to tears, but only if the right storyteller tells it. That is the job of a wedding videographer. They are there to capture the day in a way that shows a compelling narrative. Compare different videos and ask yourself what about them stands out to you or why one film made you emotional when another did not.

Pairing a Photographer with a Videographer

Your wedding day is a well planned, day with a complex schedule that needs everyone working in sync.  All with the goal of doing an amazing job while matching your wedding day energy. Videography and Photography teams that work together and have worked together know the pressure and pace of the day.  By hiring a Videography and Photography team together, you can minimize the stress while making sure everyone gets the footage or images they need knowing that they are not just there to capture what is best for them.


Enquire about whether your videographer works with assistants. They can help split tasks during your big day, making it easier for your photographer to capture the perfect moments. They will not have to be fumbling with their gear or trying to be in too many places at once. You should choose someone who will have at least two people with them on your wedding day.


Many couples think of a wedding videographer as a luxury expense instead of a mandatory one. While a wedding is no less legitimate without a videographer, it is nice to have moving images from your special day to look back on. Sometimes pictures alone do not do it justice.

There are no Black Friday sales or discount coupons for quality wedding videos. Film making is a craft that requires extensive preparation, thought, physical demand, high-quality gear, and lots of time for editing. You should be skeptical of someone who sells highly discounted packages as quality and fees tend to go hand in hand.

For a high-quality wedding videographer or wedding photographer in Toronto, contact Wedding Reps. Our team has years of experience shooting every type of wedding.


Your big day is one that you get to share with some of your closest friends and family.  Some of those closest to you will make up your wedding party.  Being in someone’s wedding party is an honour and can be a lot of fun.  There’s also a great deal of responsibility that goes along with the role.

Setting Expectations

The first thing that every couple needs to do is meet with their bridal party and go over their roles and responsibilities.  This is important to do because if it is too much of a responsibility for someone to take on, they will be able to bow out gracefully.  It also explains the expectations of each member of the wedding party.  This will eliminate any confusion or disappointments on either side.  Communication is key!

Photo shot lists

This is an incredibly under rated job.  Sometimes you will have little time in between your ceremony and reception for picture taking.   A photo list will help you and the photographer run though all the photos you need as well as help you remember all the photos you would like to be taken.  Do this well before your wedding day and give it to someone responsible and assertive to get everyone in line.

Stag & Doe

If you will be having a stag and doe party then the wedding party is in charge of that.  They will need to do the preparations, promote it to all of your friends, sell the tickets and help out during the party with setting up, hosting and clean up.  There is a lot to do, but working together with your best friends is always a great time.  Brainstorm party themes together and make sure that you have fun!

DIY Team

There are a lot of things that need to be prepared for the big day.  Save the dates, invitations, centrepieces, wedding programs and more.  If you are in someone’s wedding party then you will be part of the DIY process.  Whether you are stamping save the dates, stuffing invitations, setting up centrepieces or folding wedding programs at the last possible second, you are part of the DIY team.

Be the Support Team

On the big day one of the most important things that every member of the wedding party has to do is support the couple!  Be there for them first and foremost.  Help calm them down when they get jitters, make sure that their veil and tie are straight, keep people away who are not welcome before the ceremony.  For the bridesmaids, it is important to learn how to bustle the bride’s dress if it bustles, and someone should have an “emergency” kit with band-aids and dental floss.  Groomsmen also have a very important job before the ceremony to usher guests into the venue.

After the ceremony the bridal party needs to organize the family members who are going to be in the photographs.  Make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be and that things are running smoothly.

Of course during the reception, there are jobs such as speeches, but one of the most important things that a wedding party can do is celebrate.  Have fun with the couple and get on the dance floor to encourage others to join.  Make the day memorable! Then help with the takedown and clean up at the end of the night.

The team at Wedding Reps wants your day to go smoothly and we are so excited to work with your wedding party to ensure just that.


While wedding photography will never go out of style, the trends surrounding it do. Some shots are timeless and should always be captured a certain way while others are more of an indicator of the times. Here are some trends in wedding photography we predict for 2020.


As lovely as posed pictures can be, you would not want every wedding picture to be staged. Seeing the same expression in every photo can get dull quickly. That is why wedding photography is heading in a less structured direction. Brides and grooms want images of their wedding day to be as authentic as possible. That is why we predict more wedding photographers to opt for more candid shots rather than styled photos.

Social Media Ready

Waiting for wedding photos to be processed in months simply will not do in today’s social networking world. Couples want to be able to update their Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to share their special day with their followers. While getting fully edited photos quickly is unlikely, your photographer should be able to send you raw copies of the major points of your ceremony or reception. That way you do not have to wait half a year to post about your big day.


While digital photography makes it easier and faster to share photos with people anywhere, it can also look dull and flat without any post-production treatment. Professional wedding photographers today know how to brighten digital pictures and subtly manipulate its details so that each image is striking. Each image is transformed into a work of art through cropping, colour correction, and retouching. This process is why wedding photos take so long to get into your hands (or inboxes).


Wedding pictures are no longer standalone images. Instead, more photographers are using them to tell a story about the day and the relationship of the couple. That way, when they are sorted in a book, the images combined convey a narrative that is easy for any viewer to follow along. Pictures of both small and big moments are captured to tell a detailed and complete story of your day.

Subtle Retouching

The best wedding photographers use retouching tools to enhance their photos without making it seem obvious. True professionals are able to retouch pictures without others being able to detect it. If colour correction and retouching are done properly, your wedding pictures will look classic and high quality. You should avoid retouching trends as they can make your images look dated.

For the best wedding photographers and wedding videographers in Toronto, contact Wedding Reps. Their team always stays on top of the latest trends so that your wedding pictures look fresh and classic at the same time.



When planning your wedding, it is often a given that you are going to hire a photographer. They capture the most beautiful moments of your big day and give you something that you can treasure for the rest of your life.  A videographer can be an essential part of immortalizing your wedding day. There are so many things that a picture cannot convey. So why do you need both?


A photographer captures split seconds that mean the world.  The groom’s face the moment he sees you for the first time. A member of the wedding party moving to wipe their first tear.  Your face right as your groom twirls you during the first dance. These perfect moments are saved forever by a good photographer, as are the photos with your bridal party and friends and family.


A videographer is trying to accomplish something different.  When they record your ceremony they are not capturing moments that you want to cherish, they are capturing everything, including what you say.  Having a recording of your vows is something that you will treasure forever. You can listen to the toasts that were given, see yourself hugging your family and friends and listen to the music that was the soundtrack to your wedding and reception. This will always bring you back to the moment.

Photography and videography together

Having both a photographer and a videographer will help you remember your wedding from different perspectives and with different elements highlighted. Going with both is the best option.

So how do you choose a great photographer and videographer?

The best way to accomplish this is to use a single vendor who has a professional and talented staff of photographers and videographers that you can select.  A team that has worked together before are guaranteed to know one another, their styles and how to work well together.

A team coming from the same vendor will know how to take turns, not so they can get equal time taking photos and videos, but because they know what moments should be captured with photos or with videos. They will be able to play off one another’s strengths and work together so that you can have memories of your special day that will last a lifetime.

When you use the same vendor you also benefit from the fact that bundles are often offered that can save you money. The saved money can often go towards extra time with the photographer and videographer team so that you get more for your money.

The talented photographers and videographers at Wedding Reps will be able to capture all of your most important moments while working as a cohesive team to make sure that your day goes smoothly with no interruptions to your enjoyment. Contact us today and we will match you with the photographer and videographer that suit your needs best.