Aug 25, 2020

With many wedding videographers to choose from, narrowing down your choices can seem like a daunting task. With so many portfolios to parse through and recommendations to consider, there is simply not enough time in a day to get through them all. Same yourself some trouble by considering these tips before selecting your wedding videographer:


Do not get too caught up in analyzing the talent of your prospective videographers that you forget to see whether you actually get along with them. You will have to spend a lot of time with them on your wedding day and in conversations with them throughout the editing process afterwards. Before you sign any contract, you will want to make sure they understand your vision.

Regardless of whether you are used to being filmed or not, you will only have a good experience with your videographer if you jive with them. The more comfortable you feel around your videographer, the more likely they will be able to capture the little nuances between you and your fiance to make your film unique. It does not hurt to talk about your expectations with prospective videographers over a coffee or drink to see who you feel gets you as a couple the most.


Looking at past videos by your videographer is important. Many couples have a story that could bring even the toughest people to tears, but only if the right storyteller tells it. That is the job of a wedding videographer. They are there to capture the day in a way that shows a compelling narrative. Compare different videos and ask yourself what about them stands out to you or why one film made you emotional when another did not.

Pairing a Photographer with a Videographer

Your wedding day is a well planned, day with a complex schedule that needs everyone working in sync.  All with the goal of doing an amazing job while matching your wedding day energy. Videography and Photography teams that work together and have worked together know the pressure and pace of the day.  By hiring a Videography and Photography team together, you can minimize the stress while making sure everyone gets the footage or images they need knowing that they are not just there to capture what is best for them.


Enquire about whether your videographer works with assistants. They can help split tasks during your big day, making it easier for your photographer to capture the perfect moments. They will not have to be fumbling with their gear or trying to be in too many places at once. You should choose someone who will have at least two people with them on your wedding day.


Many couples think of a wedding videographer as a luxury expense instead of a mandatory one. While a wedding is no less legitimate without a videographer, it is nice to have moving images from your special day to look back on. Sometimes pictures alone do not do it justice.

There are no Black Friday sales or discount coupons for quality wedding videos. Film making is a craft that requires extensive preparation, thought, physical demand, high-quality gear, and lots of time for editing. You should be skeptical of someone who sells highly discounted packages as quality and fees tend to go hand in hand.

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