Aug 25, 2020

Your big day is one that you get to share with some of your closest friends and family.  Some of those closest to you will make up your wedding party.  Being in someone’s wedding party is an honour and can be a lot of fun.  There’s also a great deal of responsibility that goes along with the role.

Setting Expectations

The first thing that every couple needs to do is meet with their bridal party and go over their roles and responsibilities.  This is important to do because if it is too much of a responsibility for someone to take on, they will be able to bow out gracefully.  It also explains the expectations of each member of the wedding party.  This will eliminate any confusion or disappointments on either side.  Communication is key!

Photo shot lists

This is an incredibly under rated job.  Sometimes you will have little time in between your ceremony and reception for picture taking.   A photo list will help you and the photographer run though all the photos you need as well as help you remember all the photos you would like to be taken.  Do this well before your wedding day and give it to someone responsible and assertive to get everyone in line.

Stag & Doe

If you will be having a stag and doe party then the wedding party is in charge of that.  They will need to do the preparations, promote it to all of your friends, sell the tickets and help out during the party with setting up, hosting and clean up.  There is a lot to do, but working together with your best friends is always a great time.  Brainstorm party themes together and make sure that you have fun!

DIY Team

There are a lot of things that need to be prepared for the big day.  Save the dates, invitations, centrepieces, wedding programs and more.  If you are in someone’s wedding party then you will be part of the DIY process.  Whether you are stamping save the dates, stuffing invitations, setting up centrepieces or folding wedding programs at the last possible second, you are part of the DIY team.

Be the Support Team

On the big day one of the most important things that every member of the wedding party has to do is support the couple!  Be there for them first and foremost.  Help calm them down when they get jitters, make sure that their veil and tie are straight, keep people away who are not welcome before the ceremony.  For the bridesmaids, it is important to learn how to bustle the bride’s dress if it bustles, and someone should have an “emergency” kit with band-aids and dental floss.  Groomsmen also have a very important job before the ceremony to usher guests into the venue.

After the ceremony the bridal party needs to organize the family members who are going to be in the photographs.  Make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be and that things are running smoothly.

Of course during the reception, there are jobs such as speeches, but one of the most important things that a wedding party can do is celebrate.  Have fun with the couple and get on the dance floor to encourage others to join.  Make the day memorable! Then help with the takedown and clean up at the end of the night.

The team at Wedding Reps wants your day to go smoothly and we are so excited to work with your wedding party to ensure just that.