Aug 25, 2020

Wanting to look like a million bucks on your wedding day is each bride’s dream. To achieve the perfect look, Toronto brides follow a healthy diet, exercise routine and beauty regimen to look their best selves in their wedding photography

Choosing a photographer

You have done all you can to be your best self and look gorgeous in your wedding pictures. But if you have hired a wedding photographer or videographer, the chances are that you may not get the kind of quality and class that you wanted for your wedding pictures. Wedding Reps Studios, one of Toronto’s best photographers and videographers, know how to translate your happiness and excitement in beautiful photos. Our Toronto photographers work with you to create long-lasting, beautiful memories of your special day.

Highlighting your best feature

Your eyes, your smile or your nose, you are most likely to know what makes your face look beautiful. Most brides know their best feature and choose to show it off. Sometimes even simple dab of blush, a little mascara and a clear lip gloss can make you look like a million bucks in your pictures.

A smile is the best feature

Nothing else makes you look vibrant and beautiful in your photographs more than a genuine smile. A smile can be your best accessory when you want to look picture perfect. For this, we would recommend considering a teeth whitening treatment one month or so before the big day.


Although you will be wearing a dress, your hands will be open and exposed. As a photographer, I know that we often try to capture a focused shot of ring exchange in all the marriage ceremonies. Getting a manicure before your wedding is an excellent idea so that your hands look well-kempt and presentable.

Skin care

Wedding-related stress can cause havoc on your skin. The anxiety of wedding preparations, trying on your wedding dress, make up, hairdo, etc., it can get quite overwhelming. By the end of it, many brides end up with puffy eyes and acne right around their wedding day. It is best to stick to a proper skin care routine to make sure your skin looks glowy. Make sure to consume a lot of water to prevent dehydrated and dry skin.