Aug 25, 2020

While wedding photography will never go out of style, the trends surrounding it do. Some shots are timeless and should always be captured a certain way while others are more of an indicator of the times. Here are some trends in wedding photography we predict for 2020.


As lovely as posed pictures can be, you would not want every wedding picture to be staged. Seeing the same expression in every photo can get dull quickly. That is why wedding photography is heading in a less structured direction. Brides and grooms want images of their wedding day to be as authentic as possible. That is why we predict more wedding photographers to opt for more candid shots rather than styled photos.

Social Media Ready

Waiting for wedding photos to be processed in months simply will not do in today’s social networking world. Couples want to be able to update their Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to share their special day with their followers. While getting fully edited photos quickly is unlikely, your photographer should be able to send you raw copies of the major points of your ceremony or reception. That way you do not have to wait half a year to post about your big day.


While digital photography makes it easier and faster to share photos with people anywhere, it can also look dull and flat without any post-production treatment. Professional wedding photographers today know how to brighten digital pictures and subtly manipulate its details so that each image is striking. Each image is transformed into a work of art through cropping, colour correction, and retouching. This process is why wedding photos take so long to get into your hands (or inboxes).


Wedding pictures are no longer standalone images. Instead, more photographers are using them to tell a story about the day and the relationship of the couple. That way, when they are sorted in a book, the images combined convey a narrative that is easy for any viewer to follow along. Pictures of both small and big moments are captured to tell a detailed and complete story of your day.

Subtle Retouching

The best wedding photographers use retouching tools to enhance their photos without making it seem obvious. True professionals are able to retouch pictures without others being able to detect it. If colour correction and retouching are done properly, your wedding pictures will look classic and high quality. You should avoid retouching trends as they can make your images look dated.

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