Aug 25, 2020


When planning your wedding, it is often a given that you are going to hire a photographer. They capture the most beautiful moments of your big day and give you something that you can treasure for the rest of your life.  A videographer can be an essential part of immortalizing your wedding day. There are so many things that a picture cannot convey. So why do you need both?


A photographer captures split seconds that mean the world.  The groom’s face the moment he sees you for the first time. A member of the wedding party moving to wipe their first tear.  Your face right as your groom twirls you during the first dance. These perfect moments are saved forever by a good photographer, as are the photos with your bridal party and friends and family.


A videographer is trying to accomplish something different.  When they record your ceremony they are not capturing moments that you want to cherish, they are capturing everything, including what you say.  Having a recording of your vows is something that you will treasure forever. You can listen to the toasts that were given, see yourself hugging your family and friends and listen to the music that was the soundtrack to your wedding and reception. This will always bring you back to the moment.

Photography and videography together

Having both a photographer and a videographer will help you remember your wedding from different perspectives and with different elements highlighted. Going with both is the best option.

So how do you choose a great photographer and videographer?

The best way to accomplish this is to use a single vendor who has a professional and talented staff of photographers and videographers that you can select.  A team that has worked together before are guaranteed to know one another, their styles and how to work well together.

A team coming from the same vendor will know how to take turns, not so they can get equal time taking photos and videos, but because they know what moments should be captured with photos or with videos. They will be able to play off one another’s strengths and work together so that you can have memories of your special day that will last a lifetime.

When you use the same vendor you also benefit from the fact that bundles are often offered that can save you money. The saved money can often go towards extra time with the photographer and videographer team so that you get more for your money.

The talented photographers and videographers at Wedding Reps will be able to capture all of your most important moments while working as a cohesive team to make sure that your day goes smoothly with no interruptions to your enjoyment. Contact us today and we will match you with the photographer and videographer that suit your needs best.